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Sarina Wilks, Education Program Specialist (614) 995-3866 River Island Wide FitMules gold DKvlyjpo

Community Eligibility is a provision that helps schools and districts in high poverty communities meet eligibility to serve no-cost lunches and breakfasts to all their students. Interested schools and districts must apply for Community Eligibility through the Ohio Department of Education, Office for Child Nutrition. Call 1-800-808-6325 to ask questions.

School food authorities interested in participating in the Community EligibilityProvision or CEP (formerly Community Eligibility Option or CEO)for one or more schools must complete theparticipation form and eligibility worksheet (below)andsubmit them tothe Office for Child Nutritionby June 30, 2018. Email the completed forms to Sarina Wilks, Community Eligibility Provision Coordinator, at [email protected] .

LEAS that have elected to participate in CEP for at least one site must notify households of children attending the CEP school(s) of CEP participation in the 2014-2015 school year. LEAs may use this sample household letter to serve as the required notification.

This calculator tool allows schools that are considering the Community EligibilityProvision (CEP) to calculate their estimated federal reimbursement they will receive as to assess the financial viability of their school meal program under CEP.

Optional form for use by schools to collect household income to determine eligibility for various additional state and federal program benefits that your child(ren)’s school may qualify for other than the school meal programs.

This document explains the process for schools to determine the data to use in applying for discounts on services received under the E-rate program.

Below is a letter from the US Department of Education to describe the Title One money allocation process for schools opting the CEP.

Agriculture Under Secretary Kevin Concannon announced May 4, 2012 that the District of Columbia, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia were selected to use an innovative option to reduce administrative paperwork and costs, while making it easier for eligible children in low-income communities to receive free meals in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Last Modified: 6/28/2018 7:15:53 AM

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Tara Mohr’s first piece for goop— Why Women Criticize Each Other —resonated deeply, explaining not only why we sometimes rush to judge each other, but also how our Inner Critics undermine our self confidence and create limitations that make us feel—and behave—small. This concept was one of the theses in Mohr’s book, Playing Big, which is a great read on how women can begin to break some of these destructive, often culturally inherited habits. Mohr, a career and personal growth coach who teaches women all over the world how to step into their power, also tackles speech patterns in Playing Big, specifically how women—in an effort to soften their communication—diminish their words. We asked her to take us through the paces.

What are the holes that you see women falling into most frequently when they speak?

I love talking about this topic because it brings about so many “aha!” moments when I speak to women: So many have no idea they do all sorts of self-sabotaging things in speech and writing.

It’s pretty amazing to suddenly see your unconscious habits and then be able to let go of them.

Here are some of the “little things” women do in speech and writing that aren’t really “little.” In fact, they have a huge impact in causing us to come across as less competent and confident:

Inserting just : “I just want to check in and see…” “I just think…” Just tends to make us sound a little apologetic and defensive about what we’re saying. Think about the difference between the sound of “I just want to check in and see…” and “I want to check in and see…” or the difference between “I just think” and “I think…”

Inserting actually : “I actually disagree…” “I actually have a question.” It actually makes us sound surprised that we disagree or have a question—not good!


Using qualifiers : “I’m no expert in this, but…” or “I know you all have been researching this for a long time, but…” undermines your position before you’ve even stated your opinion.


Asking, “Does that make sense?” or “Am I making sense?” : I used to do this all the time. We do it with good intentions: We want to check in with the other people in the conversation and make sure we’ve been clear. The problem is, “does that make sense” comes across either as condescending (like your audience can’t understand) or it implies you feel you’ve been incoherent.

“Does that make sense?” “Am I making sense?”

To those who revere the eternal verities of an unchanging game, such talk is blasphemy, of course. Baseball analysts who love the game – but fear for its future in an age of competing distractions – have suggested moving the pitcher’s slab, or splaying the foul lines, or restricting the use of infield alignments. Most radically, veteran pitcher and announcer Jim Kaat recently outraged his Twitter followers by proposing that baseball become a game of seven innings.

This tickled me, for the intensity greeting Kaat’s idea matched that at a baseball convention held long ago, in 1857, when the New York clubs agreed to play the new game of baseball by a set of rules that, for the first time, established:

Yes, you read that right. The “Laws of Base Ball” offered at the convention provided for a game of seven innings (12 had been suggested, too). Only a last-minute reversal gave us our “divinely inspired” game of nine innings.

The Library of Congress will display, as part of its “ Baseball Americana ” exhibition, the treasured manuscript of these “Laws,” whose adoption in 1857 represent, in this writer’s view, the dawn of baseball as we might recognize it today.

BONUS QUESTION Tell us what baseball means to you in three words.


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Time, family, atristry

All American Fun

The pitcher’s mound is 60′ 6″

Many in the world would claim that soccer is the world greatest game but many in America (NFL fans are fading), would say baseball is. I saw Babe Ruth at Yankee Stadium, just before he was felled by cancer. His voice cracking due to the cancer in his throat extolling to the kids in the stands (he dearly loved kids said. “Baseball is the greatest game in the world. You have to start playing at 8 or 9 years old…..”

Six to four to three..

poetic outdoor recreation

Fathers and sons

I am an instructor of Asian American and American Studies at San Jose State. Moreover, I have published articles and books about the experiences of Asian Pacific Americans and baseball. Today, I got an email from my daughter living in DC about the exhibit on baseball and I am looking forward to attending the exhibit the next I visit.

While baseball history has acknowledged to some degree the experiences of Japanese and Japanese Americans and baseball, I would hope that the exhibit also recognizes that in places like Hawai’i and the US mainland people of Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and Pacific Islander ancestry have used baseball to reinforce community, build bridges to other communities, and, in some cases excel on amateur, semi-professional, and professional teams.

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